Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cookie Platoon!

Hey bud - check out It is a gal from Chester,CT whose son is deployed to Afghanistan and she makes cookies to send to him. This has grown to involve many volunteers and dozens of cookies AND many troops getting homemade cookies when they are thousands of miles from home! Aunt Sher's friend sent her the info and she passed it into me. Debbie and I have emailed a few times the past couple of days and I told her about our blog so she is going to check it out and maybe post a comment. I thought you might get a kick out of hearing from someone in Chester!
Technology is great! I hope at some point when we are back east to meet her. What she is doing for our troops is amazing. She must be a very special person!
If you get the chance, I'm sure she would love to hear from you. You can contact her through the website.

Well - how's it going? We are all fine back here. Keeping busy and out of trouble (for the most part). Dad and I have decided to travel to Michigan for our summer vacation. We certainly wanted someplace NORTH. We considered Ireland for a while but once we looked into the prices we decided against it.

Katie is still in O'fallon. She was going to leave yesterday or today, but she woke up sick yesterday so maybe she'll get on the road by Friday.
We don't have anything big planned for Father's Day this Sunday. I think we'll have a cook-out her at the house and go swimming. So far the water has been fine and the heater is working. Keep your fingers crossed!!

Gotta run - dinner is ready....

Love you lots,


Shennie said...

Michigan? Take your bullet-proof vests with you! Michigan? No one goes there on purpose!

Mom said...

We're NOT going to Detroit!! Silly!