Saturday, September 27, 2008

Good bye Paul

Today we have lost a great man: Paul Newman. He was a great American, husband, father, grandfather, actor and director. Although he worked in Hollywood, he was not "of" Hollywood. He was classy and sassy. I did not always agree with his political views, but he was a "liberal" I could respect - he was a leader not a follower. He was not "all about him" as evidenced by his generosity to those less fortunate, but he did not make a big deal out of it.

I enjoyed watching him on the big screen because not only was he "easy on the eyes", but he was believable in each character he portayed. He made acting look easy even though he worked hard at it. The last work I saw him in was the movie Message in a Bottle and he was superb.

My prayers go out to his wife, actress Joanne Woodward, and his daughters and grandchildren.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


How arrogant can you get? I can't believe he actually said that!! He wants to be the President of the United States!!! Tell me DA - how far would you get in the USA if you told your boss, call me if you need me???

If I'm not mistaken, he is still collecting his salary as a United States senator and he tells is colleagues to call him if they need him??? I am so angry I could spit. First he says that we are in the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression and in the next breath he tells "them" to call him if they need him!! His FIRST job is as a US Senator - THEN he can campaign for the presidency!!!! At the moment I am from IL and if he walked into my house right now I would kick him out! How dare he say that to the people who are paying his salary!! NO WAY is he ready to be the leader of the free world.

He wants to be Commander-in-Chief, yet he has never worn the uniform of any branch of the military. He wants to be CEO of the United States of America, yet he has never "run" anything.

If anyone reading this had any doubts as to whether John McCain could be the president, THIS ONE STATEMENT BY BARACK OBAMA should take care of those doubts. John McCain puts his COUNTRY FIRST. His campaign slogan is accurate: COUNTRY FIRST and he is leading by example.

Thank you, John McCain, for your service to your country. Keep up the GREAT WORK!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So yea

Looks like Chelsey may have found us a more suitable place that will be just right for the two of us (and affordable!). And its located right outside of post. Course I am still looking forward to coming home and seeing everyone and just be glad to be back around civilization (and I stress the word civilization) I see Jennie is getting closer and closer to her due date. Wish I could be home for the birth but hopefully the whole family or most can be around for christmas (especially me!)

Anywho, things are definitely starting to cool off with the high this week only reach 108, which has already come and gone. The rest of the week is maybe a high of 100. And a storm appears to be rolling in around the weekend (needs reminding of what the word weekend means...) But things are going good. I am already passed the 1,000 combat hours in country and apparently I need to start hitting the books and getting some awards because promotion points recently PLUMMETED to a new 3-year low. So with a few classes and some better PT scores, I could be the next SGT... /ends dreaming.. D'oh!

Well, hope all is well back home and cannot wait to let you guys know when for sure we should be packing up, though we probably wont know for another month or so. At least for a solid timeline.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Boo Hoo

So, first I would like to with the Dad and the Jennie a happy but belated birthday(s). Yea, I would have to have called or been on line to send something, however, some ****bag decided to go postal at a Patrol Base and things got a little ugly. So yea, things are still the same here. Getting much cooler thats for sure (barely breaking 105 the last couple days, so its been nice). Reports are still pointing to sometime between december and January, but a sister UAV unit has already started to wind down and begin packing up since they will be out of here by mid to late November and we will be right behind them, sucking down their dust.

Well, not a whole lot is really going on in aviation world, except that one of our AVs was granted its wish... Its DEATH WISH... muhaha (its been nicknamed the exorcist bird because it does crazy stuff that defies aviation and real-world physics... it hasnt quite spun its nosewheel 360, not that it has a nosewheel anymore...But other than that, we are really just logging hours. Cant say much else really, but yea, thigns are definitely very quiet here.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hello Out There

How are things where you are? Is it beginning to "cool" down over there? We're having typical New England autumn weather these days. One day it's warm and a little muggy; the next day there isn't an ounce of humidity and the temp is in the 70s and glorious. Nights are "chilly" - definitely blanket weather.

Apple season is starting. When you drive all around you see signs to "Pick Your Own Apples". Excuse me! That's what hired hands are for. In a couple weeks I'll have to make my annual trek to one of the local orchards and get the required bags of Cortland and Delicious. Great for apple crisp and fresh applesauce.

The leaves really haven't started turning yet. Every once in a while you'll see a red one or an orange one lying on the ground. I think it's going to be a red and orange year ~ not many yellows. It was a fairly moist summer so things should be good.

Pumpkins are everywhere. I stopped at the nursery yesterday and they had huge bins of varying sized "punkins" ~ as G'ma Mitchell used to say. I usually pick up a couple small ones to put around the house. I don't do the ones on the stoop any more ~ they usually end up smashed on the road. How thoughtless and inconsiderate.

It was a crazy week. I've been dealing with some new s/w at work that is "not ready for prime time" but we're expected to be productive using it. Add to that my boss is retiring and we're going through the transition process, party planning, and the jockeying personalities. I now know why some folks go "postal". Then, I had to spend an extended afternoon at Lahey and an extra day at S'boro Med to keep my docs from going apoplectic. So my potassium level was low. We're straighened everything out and all is well but have discovered that if you pose one question to three docs you get FOUR different answers and two shoulder shrugs. Let's just say that it was the week from hell and can only go up from here.

So, I'm enjoying the New England fall and I had a good time shopping yesterday. I'm finding all kinds of fun things for YOUR niece. Girls are such a treat to buy for. Wait til you see a couple of the outfits I got for her. I can't say any more ~ you never know who's listening.

So, Donut and Craig are in Sin City this weekend. I hope they're having fun. I think our gang here is planning our annual trek to Maine in November. We stay in York and shop in Kittery. Our hotel is right across the road from the ocean and we have a great time. Some of them even go to the Kittery Trading Post; you know, the place with way too many moose heads, flannel around every corner, orange hats and camo pants. People there go ga-ga over multi-colored kayaks, deep-freeze sleeping bags, and duck whistles. I get the hives just driving by! I stick to Coach, the Kitchen Store, and the Bass Store (clothes, not fish).

Well, I've been lazy all morning - I did do a lot of knitting and have some breakfast ~ but now it's time to shower, do laundry, and organize my life for the next week. Hope you have a great week.

KYHD! Love you lots!


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Good News!

When I posted the other day, Jennie had received news that she had gestational diabetes. On Thursday she saw her OB/GYN doc and he said NO that she does not have gestational diabetes. There was some confusion with her test results, but the good news is she does NOT have gestational diabetes. She has to watch her diet...reduce carbs and refined sugars, drink lots of water and get some exercise which at this point is easier said than done! She is getting quite big around the middle. Jess took some pics the other night so watch her blog for baby bump updates!

They are working on the nursery now. Rob painted it this week so all they have to do is put up the Winnie the Pooh border. He also painted our "nursery". Both rooms look great...he really does a nice job and is much quicker than us! We will be replacing the carpet in our nursery before Rebecca is born. I think J&B are going to have the carpet in their nursery cleaned. I would like to have our room ready by 1 Nov...we'll see!

Today we are having a belated birthday party for Ben, Jennie and Dad. Craig was supposed to be included, but he and Jess decided to go to Vegas for the weekend, so his will have to wait until Oct when we celebrate Jess' birthday. For their (J&B's) birthdays we are giving them a video camera. Ben will be picking one out. Hopefully we will have it for the Baby Shower on 10 Oct.

We were hoping to swim today.It is warm enough, but it is supposed to start raining this afternoon and rain thru Monday. Remnants of a Pacific storm and Ike. They are predicting 3-6 inches on Sunday. The sun is out right now, but the clouds are moving in.

J&B have started childbirth/parenting classes. Things sure have changed since I had you guys! Oh well....I guess I am getting old: my baby is having a baby! I LOVE IT!!

Hope all is well with you. Any news about anything?? Sure would be good to hear from you!

Love you lots and KYHD!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hello out there!

Howdy! Sorry it has been a while since my last post....but then again it has been a while since your (DA's) last post!!

Not too much excitement here...just same old, same old. Working at the office and trying to keep up around the house.

Dad and I were in Nashville, TN for the weekend. He had a Memorial Hospital Executive meeting and I just tagged along for the fun of it. We stayed at The Opryland Hotel which is HUGE! We got lost many times and even the people working there did not know where some areas (meeting rooms)were located!! It reminded me of trying to find the way around a new cruise ship, except that at least the room stewards know where things are and can give you directions! The meeting went OK, I guess and I got to tour a couple of mansions. The mansions in Newport, RI are much more impressive, but it was something to do. The drive down was not too bad...we had rain about half the time and the other half was just cloudy. The drive home was uneventful.

Hope all is well with you. Anything exciting happening??

Jennie got some news today...she has gestational diabetes. She has a DR appt on Thursday at which thime she will learn more about what is going on and then on Monday she has an appt with a dietician. We will keep you posted. It is not really anything to get excited about. She will have to watch her diet (little to no refined sugars) and exercise more, like taking a walk in the evenings. She feels fine and everything with the baby will be fine also. Happy Birthday, Jennie!

Wednesday is dad's 57th birthday! Is he getting old or what?? Now that Jennie's birthday is here, they all start to come!!

In anticipation of Rebecca, I have joined the Children's Book of the Month Club. I got my first order today! I will have to get a bookcase for her bedroom here to hold all the books until she can read and be read to!

How's the weather there these days?? HOT?? I can't believe that it is almost time to close up the pool. We are having a family get together this weekend for birthdays and we were hoping to swim, but I don't think it will be warm enough. It is only supposed to be in the 70's. I will probably call the pool guy next week to get us on the list to close the pool. The hot tub is working though so maybe we can use that.

I guess that is about it for now. It would be great to hear from you by phone OR blog!

Take care and KYHD!!

Love you lots,

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Well, since no one else has posted since my last post last month ~ I figured I jot a quick one before I fold clothes then cook my lobster - YES, LOBSTER! I decided to treat myself tonight. I hope the end result is worth it because the process was harrowing!

In case you haven't heard - I'm sure it's not headline news in downtown Baghdad, Hurricane Hanna is crawling up the eastern coast. It would make news if it were a 20 mph gust of wind in the Gulf of Mexico, but a tropical storm in New England is relegated to the back page because WE can take care of ourselves. Anyway....

I had a bunch of errands to do today - my usual cram-my-life-into-a-Saturday errands - not OMG-there's-a-hurricane-coming errands. So I started out. There were lots of lines - the worst at the dump. Go figure. My last stop was the grocery store. I haven't seen anything like that since I lived in Virginia and they were predicting an inch of snow! EVERY cashier was open and they were 6 - 8 deep. I don't usually go to this store, but they had a good price on lobsters so I decided to brave the crowds. One of the reasons I don't is I'm usually the only person in the store who speaks English as their first language.

But, I made it through unscathed and I came home with 2 lobsters - one for dinner tonight and one to make lobster salad with tomorrow. Believe it or not it's my only lobster this season. I've seen it on several menus, but I don't enjoy eating it at a restaurant.

I learned from the BEST - G'ma Carew. As Uncle Nick says, when Helen was done with a lobster all that was left was the shell and the eyes! I don't quite go that far, but I can do a pretty good job. Uncle Nick once sat between your mom and me while we were all eating lobster. He vowed THAT would never happen again. He swears he almost lost 3 fingers.

Your mom passed your email along about some brass saying something that he shouldn't have about some groups going wherever. I think the bottom line was they you may be home sooner rather than later. I SURELY HOPE SO! But, as I've said before, can you translate into English before you hit "Send"? I only worked at the Pentagon for 14 months! I can't wait to hear that you're back on safe turf soon.

I'm off to a Red Sox/Tampa Bay game Monday night. Free tickets. A friend of a friend had them and didn't have anyone to go with. How could I turn down a Sox game with the D-Rays? We're chasing them for the eastern lead. We're smoking - they're fading. It'll be my 3rd game at Fenway this year. G'pa is smiling down at me. He's up there with Teddy Baseball enjoying my time at Fenway. I love it. (Oh good - they just said that it's supposed to be great weather on Monday.)

Peaches is going to be 31 on Monday. She is getting OLD! We won't mention how old Dr. D. will be on Wednesday - though he hasn't caught up with me. (I heard that comment, Scoots!)

Well, time to fold clothes and then get the lobsters cooked. Clear the decks - melt the butter - grab a stack of napkins - I'm coming in. The only disadvantage is that the dump doesn't reopen until Wednesday. I may have to find a local dumpster tomorrow afternoon in which to dump the shells.

Well, Scoots, hope you're doing well. Any requests for a care package? I haven't sent one lately - what do you need/want?

Remember, you're my favorite nephew so KYHD, I love you and come home safely - - - SOON.