Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hello Out There

How are things where you are? Is it beginning to "cool" down over there? We're having typical New England autumn weather these days. One day it's warm and a little muggy; the next day there isn't an ounce of humidity and the temp is in the 70s and glorious. Nights are "chilly" - definitely blanket weather.

Apple season is starting. When you drive all around you see signs to "Pick Your Own Apples". Excuse me! That's what hired hands are for. In a couple weeks I'll have to make my annual trek to one of the local orchards and get the required bags of Cortland and Delicious. Great for apple crisp and fresh applesauce.

The leaves really haven't started turning yet. Every once in a while you'll see a red one or an orange one lying on the ground. I think it's going to be a red and orange year ~ not many yellows. It was a fairly moist summer so things should be good.

Pumpkins are everywhere. I stopped at the nursery yesterday and they had huge bins of varying sized "punkins" ~ as G'ma Mitchell used to say. I usually pick up a couple small ones to put around the house. I don't do the ones on the stoop any more ~ they usually end up smashed on the road. How thoughtless and inconsiderate.

It was a crazy week. I've been dealing with some new s/w at work that is "not ready for prime time" but we're expected to be productive using it. Add to that my boss is retiring and we're going through the transition process, party planning, and the jockeying personalities. I now know why some folks go "postal". Then, I had to spend an extended afternoon at Lahey and an extra day at S'boro Med to keep my docs from going apoplectic. So my potassium level was low. We're straighened everything out and all is well but have discovered that if you pose one question to three docs you get FOUR different answers and two shoulder shrugs. Let's just say that it was the week from hell and can only go up from here.

So, I'm enjoying the New England fall and I had a good time shopping yesterday. I'm finding all kinds of fun things for YOUR niece. Girls are such a treat to buy for. Wait til you see a couple of the outfits I got for her. I can't say any more ~ you never know who's listening.

So, Donut and Craig are in Sin City this weekend. I hope they're having fun. I think our gang here is planning our annual trek to Maine in November. We stay in York and shop in Kittery. Our hotel is right across the road from the ocean and we have a great time. Some of them even go to the Kittery Trading Post; you know, the place with way too many moose heads, flannel around every corner, orange hats and camo pants. People there go ga-ga over multi-colored kayaks, deep-freeze sleeping bags, and duck whistles. I get the hives just driving by! I stick to Coach, the Kitchen Store, and the Bass Store (clothes, not fish).

Well, I've been lazy all morning - I did do a lot of knitting and have some breakfast ~ but now it's time to shower, do laundry, and organize my life for the next week. Hope you have a great week.

KYHD! Love you lots!


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