Saturday, September 6, 2008


Well, since no one else has posted since my last post last month ~ I figured I jot a quick one before I fold clothes then cook my lobster - YES, LOBSTER! I decided to treat myself tonight. I hope the end result is worth it because the process was harrowing!

In case you haven't heard - I'm sure it's not headline news in downtown Baghdad, Hurricane Hanna is crawling up the eastern coast. It would make news if it were a 20 mph gust of wind in the Gulf of Mexico, but a tropical storm in New England is relegated to the back page because WE can take care of ourselves. Anyway....

I had a bunch of errands to do today - my usual cram-my-life-into-a-Saturday errands - not OMG-there's-a-hurricane-coming errands. So I started out. There were lots of lines - the worst at the dump. Go figure. My last stop was the grocery store. I haven't seen anything like that since I lived in Virginia and they were predicting an inch of snow! EVERY cashier was open and they were 6 - 8 deep. I don't usually go to this store, but they had a good price on lobsters so I decided to brave the crowds. One of the reasons I don't is I'm usually the only person in the store who speaks English as their first language.

But, I made it through unscathed and I came home with 2 lobsters - one for dinner tonight and one to make lobster salad with tomorrow. Believe it or not it's my only lobster this season. I've seen it on several menus, but I don't enjoy eating it at a restaurant.

I learned from the BEST - G'ma Carew. As Uncle Nick says, when Helen was done with a lobster all that was left was the shell and the eyes! I don't quite go that far, but I can do a pretty good job. Uncle Nick once sat between your mom and me while we were all eating lobster. He vowed THAT would never happen again. He swears he almost lost 3 fingers.

Your mom passed your email along about some brass saying something that he shouldn't have about some groups going wherever. I think the bottom line was they you may be home sooner rather than later. I SURELY HOPE SO! But, as I've said before, can you translate into English before you hit "Send"? I only worked at the Pentagon for 14 months! I can't wait to hear that you're back on safe turf soon.

I'm off to a Red Sox/Tampa Bay game Monday night. Free tickets. A friend of a friend had them and didn't have anyone to go with. How could I turn down a Sox game with the D-Rays? We're chasing them for the eastern lead. We're smoking - they're fading. It'll be my 3rd game at Fenway this year. G'pa is smiling down at me. He's up there with Teddy Baseball enjoying my time at Fenway. I love it. (Oh good - they just said that it's supposed to be great weather on Monday.)

Peaches is going to be 31 on Monday. She is getting OLD! We won't mention how old Dr. D. will be on Wednesday - though he hasn't caught up with me. (I heard that comment, Scoots!)

Well, time to fold clothes and then get the lobsters cooked. Clear the decks - melt the butter - grab a stack of napkins - I'm coming in. The only disadvantage is that the dump doesn't reopen until Wednesday. I may have to find a local dumpster tomorrow afternoon in which to dump the shells.

Well, Scoots, hope you're doing well. Any requests for a care package? I haven't sent one lately - what do you need/want?

Remember, you're my favorite nephew so KYHD, I love you and come home safely - - - SOON.


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