Sunday, August 24, 2008

Good Morning, Scoots

...although, I'm sure if I checked Donut's new website I would find that it's sometime later on this afternoon where you are.

I hope you're doing well. I think about you often and keep checking the Big Macs to see if you've had time to post a message or two - tho' I usually need an interpreter for your notes :,)

Things here are good. Had you been a fly on the wall here this week you would've laughed so hard at your technically-challenged aunt that you would have lost your grip and fallen off!

Last week I decided to get a new flat-screen TV (actually I had decided before hand but decided to wait until we had our tax-free weekend). (NOTE: The TV in the kitchen wasn't bad - it was the small one that G'ma and G'pa had. However, the bigger one I had in my living room is getting old ~ I bought it when I lived in Virginia. When it gets too warm, it shuts off. POOF! It's off. Annoying! I decided to replace that one.) So, I had checked out a couple different ones ~ I was into simplicity. 19", not hung on the wall, easy to hook up, no fancy bells or whistles. So, off I go last Saturday with 2000 of my closest tax-dodging friends to Wal*mart. I found a great little LCD WITH a built-in DVD. How cool. So I had the poor single-handed stock boy get it from out back and off I go to the checkout counter. Well, the barcode(s) wouldn't scan. They kept getting "Invalid number". Even manually punching in the # the poor clerk was getting completely frazzled. Finally a manager came over and did his voo-doo and it worked.

I got it home, assembled (installed the base) and got it hooked up then realized that my cable box did not support HD so I had to call Verizon and get a new box. No problem except that meant going through Customer Service Hell listening to this robotic maven who should be gagged. Luckily I must've hit it just right and hit the "O" key enough times and within about 2 min. I got this nice girl who helped me make all the arrangements to get a new box. She said I should get the box by Tues. or Wed. Sure enough; there it was on my doorstep on Wednesday when I got home from work.

Yippee! HD. Not so fast, Shennie! I got everything assembled and everything hooked up except the end of the HDMI cable that was supposed to so into the TV. Did you know you can't put a rectangle cable end into a round hole!? So I tried everything; I looked everywhere. No luck. There were scads of other connection points but nothing that would accommodate a flat cable end. I was convinced that my new nickname was going to be Dumb Dora. Then I looked at the box the TV had come in and it said everything on it but HD. Had I screwed up that badly?

Dejected, disappointed (I had hoped to watch the Sox in HD that night), I unassembled everything. Now the next problem. Getting the TV and its accessories into the box it came in. That's like putting 10 lbs. sh** into a 5 lb. bag. Re-folding a map is easier. I was in no mood to fuss.

So, yesterday I took the time and put everything into the box and headed back to Wally World. Before I took the old TV in, I went in and checked to see what they had. I was still confused. So there I was, in the electronics section of Wal*Mart with TVs flashing the same picture in 25 different sizes calling Ben for his help. I'm so glad your sister married a techno marvel. (If you had been in the same hemisphere I would have called you so don't feel dejected [you're probably really happy]!) Well, come to find out, my TV did support HD but just not with an HDMI cable. I could've bought a different connector, but the result would not have been as good. Thus, I decided on a different model that DID have a flat HDMI connector. Long, long story shorter - they were out of that model at that store. Is it 5:00 yet?

I went home, made some lunch and called another WW and they had 2 of those TVs. So, I went up there, got the new one (which was $14 cheaper but no DVD player) and came home. But, remember the hard time I had checking out with the original TV? Well, I had the same problem returning the blessed thing. It kept saying "Invalid Number". Somehow the clerk worked around it. I thought computers were supposed to make things easier! It's amazing how well everything goes together when all the parts fit! Then I couldn't figure out why nothing happened when I turned everything on. Desperate - I RTFM. Ah, call Verizon and have the box activated! An hour later I was watching HDTV from my new TV/cable box in my kitchen.

That was the crux of my week. Hope yours wasn't as exasperating! Is it cooling down over there? The weather here the past week has been PERFECT - in the upper 70s and NO humidity. Can we bottle this and save it?

One more week before the college kids come back and 3 weeks before missions start. The peace and quiet is over.

Well time to take a shower and run a couple errands. Then it's back home to do some laundry. As Grandma used to say: "I'm not sure if we're the cleanest people or the dirtiest people ~ I'm always doing laundry!" And, there's ONLY 1 of me.

Be well, Viya con Dios, and KYHD!

Love you,

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