Sunday, August 17, 2008

Is it 5:00 Somewhere?

I have been suffering through 2 days of Red Sox - Blue Jays games. Let me put it this way ~ I could have pitched better than any of the Sox pitchers and I throw worse than the proverbial girl thrower!

And I've had the honor of watching these games on my new TV ~ sorta. Yesterday and today Gov. Patrick granted the Bay Staters a tax-free weekend. Anything less than $2500 ~ with certain exceptions ~ is tax-free until midnight tonight. So, I took part of my check from "W" and bought myself a flat screen for the kitchen. It's an Emerson 19" with a built-in DVD player. I got a pretty good deal on it and I didn't have to pay tax. (Note: Everyone is complaining because the state is missing out on all this revenue; think about all the income tax they're getting from all the extra help stores had to hire this weekend. It may not be even, but they're not losing out completely.)

My new TV will be even better when I get my new cable box that delivers hi-def! I called Verizon yesterday afternoon and actually got to speak to a live human being within the first 2 minutes of pressing buttons. How novel. She was really nice and we had a couple laughs. Her office was about 45 minutes south of here and it had just poured buckets there and we were enjoying beautiful sunshine. (Note: The weather this weekend was perfect - low 80s and NO humidity.) The box should be mailed out tomorrow and I should get it by Wednesday. It'll be great. I'm moving the TV (Grandpa's little one) that was here in the kitchen to the living room and then have to get rid of the big one in the living room. Don't know how. Our transfer station doesn't accept TVs or CRTs any more.

I wasn't quite sure about hooking it up, but you'll be pleased to know that I got it done without any problems. Actually, there was only 1 cable to screw in. I did have help - I read the manual - sorta. You'd be proud of me, Scoots.

Well, laundry beckons. I hope everyone has a good week.



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