Thursday, April 29, 2010

I talked to DA!!

What a wonderful surprise!! First Chelsey called to tell me that DA would be calling and then he called!! We had chatted earlier (on Yahoo! Messenger)so it was even more of a surprise because he didn't tell me that the call center was up and running!! He even had his calling card from his first deployment and it even had minutes on it!! He sounds great. He says he has put on some weight (a good thing!) ( I could tell!! It's a mom thing!!) Also, I now have a little better idea of where he is located. Per COL McCarthy I will not post that info but you can call me if you want to know more!! He is actually talking to Dr Dave right now! This is so awesome!! I am so glad that he can call now. Chatting is great, but hearing his voice is soooooo sweet. He sends his love to all. Right now it takes about 1 month for mail to reach him, but that may change soon. He would love to hear in any way, shape or form from any/all of you so....hint, hint!! If you need his address just let me know.

DA - Call any time!! Love you lots, be safe and KYHD.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So for the past almost 2 weeks now, I have been going to the gym here on the FOB to do 90X which is a full body, muscle confusion workout. Essentially the program is designed to prevent people from plateauing for a muscle group. By mixing it up and alternating muscle groups, the body gets to ripped up and toned (and you can always push yourself beyond your weights. And before each workout, our shift takes an 8oz Na-Xplode energy supplement drink to help pump the heart rate up which forces more blood to the muscles which helps builds them up in less time, and strengthens the muscles which normally would take more repetitions and weights to achieve. I can already feel myself getting stronger and we haven't even hit past the 14th day of this 90-day (90days extreme) craziness. I cannot wait to finish this program. I will be taking a Before and After picture just so people can see the difference. (People know that I have never really been in GREAT shape, just in good shape). I already feel the difference and I am liking it. More to come!

Friday, April 23, 2010

My Promotion

Well after months of waiting, and then weeks of further waiting, I have finally been officially inducted into the Non-commissioned Officer Corps. It was a small ceremony since it was during the duty day, but I was glad my Squad Leader/Shift NCOIC got to be present since he was the one who was pushing for me to go to the board (he is also the one that actually pinned me.) Things really havent changed too much, except having to get used to people walking past me and them saying" Good Afternoon, Sergeant..." but that will come with time. And I've seen a few people from our company here that noticed I got pinned and they congratulated me as well. So its been nice to get the respect, but I still feel like the same old me.


...or as we have been known to say (and Grandma Carew loved this) it's P.O.E.T.S. Day. (Piss On Everyone Tomorrow's Saturday!) Woo-Hoo.

How are things going over there now that you're a Sargeant? Are you busier than before? What's the weather like there? It's really nice here today. In the 50s and sunny. We're finally getting a spring we can enjoy! Some people are still cleaning up from the floods we had back in March. I was lucky, but some folks had some MAJOR water issues. Things were so bad Rhode Island and eastern Massachusetts got extensions on filing our state and federal taxes until May 11. I finally got all my stuff together this weekend and got it to my accountant. Every year I vow to be more organized. Hopefully this year I'll do it!

The package I've put together for you will either go to the PO later this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Hope it makes it to you relatively quickly.

Not a lot of exciting stuff happening here. OOOOOH! I thought of you yesterday afternoon. On the radio on my way home from work and on the TV news when I got home, everyone was talking about the hail storms down south of here. They had lots of pictures on the TV. I remembered all the photos you posted of your recent hail storm. We didn't have any up my way, but down heading to the Cape really got pelted. It looked to be about the same size as what you had.

Well, back to work. Only 2.5 hours until the weekend starts. I'm going to a friend's house for dinner tonight. She's an elderly lady in town (87). She has 24/7 help in her house (she has Parkinson's Disease). She lives in an old rambling house on acres and acres of land. She and her family have donated most of the land to the town so that it will never be developed. Some is farm land and some is Open Land. She also has a pool and a tennis court on her property. She's kept company by a relative of Cooper named Brassie.

On the one hand I have Monday off; on the other hand I have Monday off because I have to go to Lahey. Just for checking some stuff. Nothing exciting. My appt. is at 9:45 a.m. but I'm taking the whole day. That way I don't have to kill myself getting everything done over the weekend.

Well, Sarge, have a great day/weekend. And, remember....KYHD! XXOO


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Well, now I can post again. Thanks Jessica!

DA - it was good to chat with you this morning. Check out his new pictures on Facebook! We are all well here. Dad and I are back after being on the road for 2 weeks. It was a great vacation and we are well rested but it was good to get home. Saw Aunt Nancy and she says hi! Kitty O'Shea sure did miss us. She has not left my side since we have returned and she scratched at our door all Sat night!

Any updated news about your promotion? You haven't mentioned it so I'm guessing not but just thought I'd ask.

We need to get your USPS address. Aunt Sher needs it for the big package drive in May and we all would like to get letters, cards, you, so.......

Hopefully you can get on the blog now that you are settled in.

Love you lots. Stay safe and KYHD!!


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Promotion (or lack thereof)

Well, unfortunately as the title suggests, I have yet to be officially promoted; however, on my records it does show my DOR (Date of Rank) as being 20100401 for SGT. So now it falls on the command group to get my orders signed to make it formally recognized. The Promotion Orders have already been cut and mailed to the MAJ that is responsible for in-theater promotions. I am just waiting for him to sign them and get them to my unit. I am all set with my new camera which takes very good video (HD) and after the ceremony, I will make sure to get chelsey a copy of it and the pictures so she can post them/share them with everyone else. Well, thats about it for now, oh and chelsey has my mailing address now for the FOB I am going to (for the meantime).

Friday, April 2, 2010

Hey, Sarge!

How's it going over there?

It has FINALLY stopped raining here in New England. We had almost a foot of rain last month - floods everywhere. I have been lucky. Just a little water in the cellar - no more than usual. The sun was out today and it was 75 deg. when I was driving home from work.

Easter weekend - I guess that means that spring is on its way. There are green shoots popping up all over my gardens.

Keep well. ...and most importantly, KYHD!