Friday, April 23, 2010

My Promotion

Well after months of waiting, and then weeks of further waiting, I have finally been officially inducted into the Non-commissioned Officer Corps. It was a small ceremony since it was during the duty day, but I was glad my Squad Leader/Shift NCOIC got to be present since he was the one who was pushing for me to go to the board (he is also the one that actually pinned me.) Things really havent changed too much, except having to get used to people walking past me and them saying" Good Afternoon, Sergeant..." but that will come with time. And I've seen a few people from our company here that noticed I got pinned and they congratulated me as well. So its been nice to get the respect, but I still feel like the same old me.


Grandma Mac said...

AWESOME!! Congratulations!!

Love you!

Shennie said...

Wicked cool!