Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tracking Progress

Hey, Scoots,

How 'bout tracking your progress coming home - sorta like watching Santa make his way around the world?

Where are you now? How are your flights?

We missed you on Sunday but know that you were thinking about us and Grandma as much as we were thinking about you and Grandma.

Hope you make it home before the mom and dad leave for Florida. Just 2 days, 20 hours, and 29 minutes until we sail! ...but who's counting? BTW - in case you didn't realize it, I'm going with them. Is the Caribbean ready for this? ...the Carew sisters loose together!

Safe travels.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Good news


Just wanted you to know that Ben and I are now officially trying to get pregnant, so hopefully you'll be an uncle around the time that you come home.

I haven't sent anything since before Christmas, so I guess I should do that.... sorry. I'll try and send something out before February.

Love ya! KYHD


Monday, January 21, 2008


Hey everyone, I know a few of you havent heard from me in awhile, but I am doing ok. Things are going good here (definitely had some interesting yet very vague things happen over the last couple weeks (vague meaning i know, but only a few were told so the rest cant know through here. lol)

I will say that I definitely miss getting mail on an almost daily basis. I still have yet to receive your package, Shennie. Hopefully it will get here soon. I know Chelsey mailed one out to me recently, and that Jennie & Ben might possibly have one as well.

This new workout schedule I am doing certainly is kicking my @$$, especially the biceps of death machine. But the hard work is starting to show through, slowly but surely.

Anywho I dont have much time but will try to be on more and eventually get my trip to iraq up through christmas posted.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

18 and ZERO

See everyone in Arizona. But, I'll be on board ship - look for me at the sports bar!

Go teams!

Oh, who to root for today?

I'm going with New England and the Giants!

Hubs is finishing up getting ready and then we're hitting up the grocery store. This menu planning has worked out great for me. It's so nice to come home and not spend an hour deciding what we'll have for dinner and then realizing we don't have what we need to make whatever it was we decided on.

My house is getting and staying clean 15 minutes at a time. I set a timer and then walk around picking things up. When the timer goes off, thats it! I can't clean anymore. It's amazing what you can accomplish in 15 minutes! I reorganized the upstairs linen closet and started a load of laundry.

Usually Hubs does the laundry, but I was feeling generous today :)

After football, I'll be heading to the Home Depot and picking up paint. Rob is painting my parents kitchen, living room, dining room, entrance, and hallway tomorrow.

Then, when they head off for their cruise (in less than 2 weeks), I'll spend the week cleaning their house! And by clean, I mean really cleaning their house. They'll come home to new closets, a new storage room, and new living spaces :) I LOVE doing this stuff. And, I think my BFF, Martha, is going to help me too. She loves purging like I do.

David- haven't heard from you in a while. Hope things are going well. I still have a package sitting here that needs to get mailed. I'll try and get that out this week

Chelsey- haven't heard from you either. You're more than welcome to come over for dinner. Just pick a night that we're making something you'll like and let me know!

Time to root on the Patriots!

New England Patriots Fever, Part II

It's Sunday morning and I'm being lazy! I decided to pass on church this morning and, instead, did the Sunday crossword puzzle in the Boston Globe. Did pretty well. I've got a couple errands to run in a little while but will be back in time for the AFL playoff game between The New England Patriots and the San Diego Chargers. I'm glad I'm going to be watching it from the comfort of my warm house ~ they're predicting windchills of 0 degrees at Gillette Stadium this afternoon. There aren't enough gloves and socks and scarves and parkas for that temperature. Hopefully it will freeze the Chargers in their tracks. Even if it doesn't, we'll beat the pants off them. We'll be 18 and zero after today. DA - hope you folks get to watch the game - even if it is the middle of the night.

As far as the later game goes - I have no real preference. I guess maybe since Daddy was a Green Bay Packers fan I'd have to root for them. But, I'm getting a little sick of Brett Favre. Whatever, may the best team win!

I went to Ct. yesterday and we did our "Christmas". It was good to see Sheila and Dennis and Nick (oh, yeah, Keith was there too). Dennis looked good and said that he felt good. We went out for lunch and that was fun. You should've seen the sandwiches that Sheila and Nick had - chicken salad with walnuts and dried cranberries and chicken and other stuff. They were huge - they each took half home for supper last night. I was good and had baked Boston schrod (which is layman's terms means any white fish they happened to catch that day).

The new car did well on the highway and didn't use as much gas as the old one. But, HELLO, if I hadn't bought gas up here before I went to CT, I surely wouldn't have bought it down there. I would have pushed my car to the border before I paid those prices!

Well, time to get going. Breakfast is just about ready and them I'm off to run my errands. Scoots, hope all is well over there. You haven't posted lately - how 'bout a hello! Tell those buddies of yours that if they know what's good for them, they'll cheer for the Patriots! Extra rations if the Pats win today!

Love you and KYHD!


Monday, January 14, 2008

Maybe some snow would have helped!!

OK - so the Giants won. That's OK. They'll get their a**es kicked in Green Bay next weekend. Now mind you, I don't mind the Giants UNLESS they beat the Cowboys!! Sorry - but Eli is no match for Brett so GOOD LUCK!!

Well - 18 days and counting until we sail!! I can HARDLY wait. This trip is going to be awesome and well deserved AND I will be coming home to a new kitchen and house. Jessica is hiring a dumpster while we are gone! Will there be anything left to come home to?? If not we will just move in with her the the hubs!! How about that for motivation??

DA - everyone at the office says Hello and stay safe!!

Hope Chelsey had a good first day of classes today!

Gotta run and finish dinner!!
Love ya, the Mom

More Snow!

Well, they predicted 7 - 12 inches and we got about 7 or 8 here in Southboro. Fortunately, they closed the college so I didn't have to go in. It's a good thing because the guy that plows my driveway didn't get here until about 3 p.m. and did a half-a**ed job. The kid made one pass with the plow and called it good. He left a good 4 feet in front of the garage door unplowed and unshoveled and didn't do the path to the stoop or the stoop. He better get back here before 7:30 tomorrow morning! The owner of the company lives down the street from me and I know his mom - she sits behind me in church every Sunday. She's very nice and so is her son - just not the most ambitious. The kids that work for him aren't gonna set any records either, but... I can't shovel that's for sure. If this happens on or about 1/30 - I'll be calling him every 5 minutes!

It's a VERY heavy, wet snow. It's beautiful but is doing some major damage to trees and electrical lines. I probably shouldn't write anything/say anything, but so far we've had no problems.

I spent a good part of the day transferring files from my old desktop to this laptop. I'm giving Lisa my desktop for her apartment so that she can at least come into the 20th century. You'll probably hear her scream all the way over in Iraq, DA, I put a Red Sox wallpaper on the desktop today. (She is an AVID NYY fan!) Now I just have to unassemble it and get it into my car. I'm going to Ct on Sat - hopefully someone will take it out of the car when I get down there. I have presents to wrap before then, too. I think I have all the presents. Lisa's having a good time with one of hers - I adopted a harbor seal at the New England Aquarium in her name. She's named him (tho' we have no idea whether it's a boy or a girl) Bruce Hayden Winters. Nick didn't get top billing, but he's willing to live with this order. Bruce thinks it's great. Sheila and Dennis now have a grand-dog, a grand-cat, and a grand-seal. Do you think some day they'll get a granddaughter or grandson?

Well, I've done some dishes and some sorting of paperwork for my taxes and Grandpa's. I hate doing taxes. Every year I vow to be organized and have everything together before New Year's Eve; hopefully this year I'll be able to do it. You can tell Grandma didn't pass that accounting/ organizing gene on to me!

Well, QVC just delivered some summer clothes for my cruise - summer shorts with 8" of snow on my doorstep. What's wrong with that picture?

Did you get the package I sent last week? It's all munchies - no beef jerky or twizzlers. Let me know if you have a craving for anything else?

Hope all is ok over there? Did you get to see "W" while he was visiting?

Love you and KYHD!


Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Mom and the Dallas Cowboys

Like I always said, one more proof that she was adopted!

At least we agree on Jessica Simpson and the Redskins!

GO NY! ...and it's NOT VERY OFTEN that you'll hear or see me say THAT!



Though raised in New England, I have ALWAYS been and will be a Dallas Cowboys fan!! So GO COWBOYS. This afternoon this raises a family issue - the dad is a NY Giants fan. Consequently, he will NOT be sitting next to me during the game as I tend to get very excited and scream and hit when the COWBOYS do well - which is usually every play!! BTW - Tony Romo can do much better than Jessica Simpson!! I hope the dumb blonde gets lost on her way to Texas Stadium!!

DA - Do you guys get to see any games over there?? I sure hope so!!

Love ya - enjoy the goodies heading your way!!

the Mom

Saturday, January 12, 2008

New England Patriots Fever

Go PATS!!!!!

See my blog for more on this!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Spice Rack

Ok, I think many people have pointed out the fact that the Mom's pantry needed to be cleaned out because there were things in there that had been there as long as they'd been in the house. So she did, and it's wonderfully organized now. But since I seem to be on a roll with weird things, I had to tell everyone that when we were searching through the cabinets for vanilla extract last night we found an albeutural inhaler, prescribed to the Mom (she doesn't know why) from, brace yourselves, 1995. Time to clean out the cupboards too, methinks. Ok, well I thought that was amusing.

I Remembered!

Hooray ~ I remembered to go to the post office this morning and mail your package before I came to work. Unfortunately, they had a temp at the counter and she wasn't as nice about sending stuff overseas to the military as the other guy ~ he usually charges me about 1/2 price because it's going to a soldier. Oh well - you're worth the $8.95! Even tho' the customs forms says clothes and games it's really food - but I don't like to put that on the form.

Actually I made 2 stops on my way to work this morning. I wrote myself a BIG NOTE last night so that I'd remember to mail your package and to go to the Town Hall and fill out my absentee ballot for Tsunami Tuesday. I figure, if you don't vote then don't complain ~ and I want to be able to complain. (I know that's a huge surprise to everyone and completely out of character for me, but just in case.) So after filling out several different forms and signing my life away, I did cast my ballot in the February 5th presidential primary in Massachusetts. I'm not saying for whom ~ just that the doc wouldn't be happy!

So, DA, what are you up to? How's the weather?

Back to work - be well and KYHD!


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

January 8, 1950

I would like to thank everyone for ordering such a great day for my birthday. The weather was beautiful. It got up to almost 60 here in Massachusetts. I even left a couple windows here at the house open when I left for work so that I could get some good fresh air into this place.

I just got a phone call from my best friend in high school. It was SO good to talk to Sally. Isn't it amazing? We haven't seen each other in years, yet we chatted like we had just had lunch together the other day. I have known Sally for 45 years - but neither of us is that old. We had a bet a couple years ago when the New England Patriots played the Philadelphia Eagles for the Super Bowl ~ guess who won!!!!!!!! She still owed me a buck!

I also got a call from my dear friends Phil and Elaine and then my niece, my donor, my god-daughter. Again, we can chat for hours. I so wish we lived closer.

I got email cards from Sunshine, Susie, Puff, and Ellen. I got phone calls from Kathy, Elaine, Lisa, Nick, and Susie - tho' Susie's call was to tell me that they have the cabin adjoining mine for the cruise. Good ~ they get free appetizers and a butler to serve them. I can deal with that! Better out of their budget than mine!

Hope all is well overseas, Scoots. I do have a package for you that I keep forgetting to mail - it's in the back seat of my car and I remember it only when I get home and look at it. Hopefully I can remember it tomorrow and take it to the post office.

Hope all is well where you are. Do you need warm items? Hats? Scarves? Mittens? whatever? I'm on a knitting frenzy. Did Chelsey tell you about her shawl?

Time to make supper. I'm treating myself to steak and salad for my dinner tonight. Medium rare ~ thank you.

Love you lots ~ KYHD!


Sunday, January 6, 2008

C Squared

Well I haven't written anything in a while. Everyone else usually covers anything I could contribute, and nothing else interesting is going on. Tonight was different, however. My friend Caroline and I went to see Enchanted, which was hysterical, and afterwards we went to Coldstone, because it was about 70 here today (yes, I'm rubbing it in all you out-of-townies) and we wanted ice cream to celebrate. We were sitting outside eating when we looked across the parking lot and saw a car with, "Your sexy," written on the back. Caroline and I both being nerds, we had to fix this obvious grammatical error. I hope they appreciate it.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Noise,noise, and more noise!!

The roofers are here and have been since 0730! I never knew people on the roof could be sooooo noisy! They could take a lesson from Santa!!

BTW, DA - we are having a new roof and siding put on the house. Also, a sliding glass door from the eating area in the kitchen to new deck on the east side of the house behind the garage. See what happens when you go away for a while!! We had been thinking about it for a while and decided that now was the time to do it. We are not changing the color of the house so it probably will not look much different, but we will never have to paint again and the roof is a "35 year" roof so WE will never have to roof again. In 35 years I'll be 90 and if I am still living in this house it will be a miracle and some one else can pay for another roof!!

Last night J&B and J&C came over to help us move stuff around in the garage. Since there is a huge dunpster in the driveway we really had to keep an eye on Jessica - she was in a "pitching" mood....when you weren't watching she "pitched" your stuff into to dumpster!! They also took stuff that was theirs anyway. We had to move things so they can remove the door on the side of the garage that we NEVER use when they put the siding on.
Dad and I are hoping that come spring we will be able to put both cars in the garage! Wouldn't that be novel - actually using the garage as a garage instead of a storage room!

Not much else going on. Dad, Shennie, Jenny W, and I leave on our cruise in 27 days!! Can hardly wait! I'm not sure I remember how to act on vacation!

Love you lots and KYHD!!

the Mom

Friday, January 4, 2008

New Laptop

Ok, I am really becoming the person I said I'd never be! They tried to deliver my new laptop to my house yesterday; but, it has to be signed for and I wasn't there. So, after calling DHL and then DELL (because Dell has to change the delivery address not me or DHL) and talking to two different towns in India, it was finally agreed that they would credit me $60 toward the purchase of my new laptop if I drove to DHL and picked it up. Guess what - it didn't cost me $60 to drive to Shrewsbury this morning, so I got another $60 off the price of my new laptop. Thanx to Ben and Dell and the computer gods, I got a grand total of $227 and change off my laptop. The guys here at the office were excited about my new toy so we got it all installed and ready. I even found out that my new ipod can be an external drive for the laptop. I am getting way too geeky for my own good. Look out DA and Ben! I'm just hoping that when I get it home it'll work just as well. The campus here is wireless, so it was easy. I'll let you know.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. Say a prayer for Dennis - he starts his chemo on Thursday. No radiation - I guess that's a good thing.

Happy weekend!


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008!

I guess it is official all over the world now! DA wished me Happy New Year yesterday because it WAS 2008 where he is! It was great to talk to him - he sounded good, though tired after working his shift. It had been a good shift with some excitement - I'll let him tell you all about it when he blogs!!!

Went to Jennie & Ben's last night for New Year's Eve chili, Kareoke (sp?), and some Wii bowling and other exciting happenings. Jessica is soooo cute when she drinks!! I was the designated driver so am probably the only one (other than Bob) who is feeling just fine this morning!!

Hope to get the tree down today and maybe go see Charlie Wilson's War. We saw National Treasure on Saturday - very good!! I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys action/adventure movies.

We also got to visit with Craig's parents and sister last weekend. It was great to see them. It just doesn't seem possible that his sister will be graduating from college this spring! Starting to feel old yet, Craigster???

It is very cold and blustery here today. The wind is really kicking up the leaves that we never got picked up since the lawn tractor was not working properly! Maybe this cold north wind can blow them all down into the creek. That would be awesome!!

Well - for those who made New Year's resolutions - good luck! I gave up on that years ago!!

Count down to our cruise.....30 days to FL and 31 to cruising!!

Happy New Year!!

Love you and KYHD,
the Mom