Monday, January 14, 2008

Maybe some snow would have helped!!

OK - so the Giants won. That's OK. They'll get their a**es kicked in Green Bay next weekend. Now mind you, I don't mind the Giants UNLESS they beat the Cowboys!! Sorry - but Eli is no match for Brett so GOOD LUCK!!

Well - 18 days and counting until we sail!! I can HARDLY wait. This trip is going to be awesome and well deserved AND I will be coming home to a new kitchen and house. Jessica is hiring a dumpster while we are gone! Will there be anything left to come home to?? If not we will just move in with her the the hubs!! How about that for motivation??

DA - everyone at the office says Hello and stay safe!!

Hope Chelsey had a good first day of classes today!

Gotta run and finish dinner!!
Love ya, the Mom

1 comment:

Jessica said...

You'll come home to a new house and thus, a new life!

I cannot wait to get into your house and clean it up!