Sunday, January 20, 2008

Go teams!

Oh, who to root for today?

I'm going with New England and the Giants!

Hubs is finishing up getting ready and then we're hitting up the grocery store. This menu planning has worked out great for me. It's so nice to come home and not spend an hour deciding what we'll have for dinner and then realizing we don't have what we need to make whatever it was we decided on.

My house is getting and staying clean 15 minutes at a time. I set a timer and then walk around picking things up. When the timer goes off, thats it! I can't clean anymore. It's amazing what you can accomplish in 15 minutes! I reorganized the upstairs linen closet and started a load of laundry.

Usually Hubs does the laundry, but I was feeling generous today :)

After football, I'll be heading to the Home Depot and picking up paint. Rob is painting my parents kitchen, living room, dining room, entrance, and hallway tomorrow.

Then, when they head off for their cruise (in less than 2 weeks), I'll spend the week cleaning their house! And by clean, I mean really cleaning their house. They'll come home to new closets, a new storage room, and new living spaces :) I LOVE doing this stuff. And, I think my BFF, Martha, is going to help me too. She loves purging like I do.

David- haven't heard from you in a while. Hope things are going well. I still have a package sitting here that needs to get mailed. I'll try and get that out this week

Chelsey- haven't heard from you either. You're more than welcome to come over for dinner. Just pick a night that we're making something you'll like and let me know!

Time to root on the Patriots!


Mom said...

Jessica does not realize what she is in for!! In preparation for painting we had to move all the furniture to the middle of the rooms: LR, DR, Kitchen, and take down all pictures, hangings, etc. My thought is that we will leave it that way until she comes to purge!! GOOD LUCK!!

Shennie said...

Like I said before, she can come to my house when she's done.

Pats are doing good so far - let's keep our fingers crossed!

Jessica said...

Seriously, mom, I was thinking that you should leave it that way.

Leave it a mess and come home to a clean, organized, empty house :)

I need a budget, though. I was over there measuring for blinds and kept thinking of all of the cool stuff I could do while you're gone :)

Shennie said...

Don't get too carried away on TCC!

Good job on picking the teams for the Super Bowl. Though I'm not a huge fan of Brett Favre, I really do not like the NYG coach AT ALL. Now, however, we all know who you'll pick for the final victor! I owe your brother more goodies since the Pats won. I'm putting the box together this week. Will get it out before I sail.