Monday, January 21, 2008


Hey everyone, I know a few of you havent heard from me in awhile, but I am doing ok. Things are going good here (definitely had some interesting yet very vague things happen over the last couple weeks (vague meaning i know, but only a few were told so the rest cant know through here. lol)

I will say that I definitely miss getting mail on an almost daily basis. I still have yet to receive your package, Shennie. Hopefully it will get here soon. I know Chelsey mailed one out to me recently, and that Jennie & Ben might possibly have one as well.

This new workout schedule I am doing certainly is kicking my @$$, especially the biceps of death machine. But the hard work is starting to show through, slowly but surely.

Anywho I dont have much time but will try to be on more and eventually get my trip to iraq up through christmas posted.

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Shennie said...

Hope it arrives soon because I've got another one on the packing line getting ready. I'll get it off to you before I go on my cruise with the mom, the dad and the MS. Any special requests?

Looking for me on the cruise - I'll be the one with the NE Pats Championship Tshirt sitting at the bar.