Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008!

I guess it is official all over the world now! DA wished me Happy New Year yesterday because it WAS 2008 where he is! It was great to talk to him - he sounded good, though tired after working his shift. It had been a good shift with some excitement - I'll let him tell you all about it when he blogs!!!

Went to Jennie & Ben's last night for New Year's Eve chili, Kareoke (sp?), and some Wii bowling and other exciting happenings. Jessica is soooo cute when she drinks!! I was the designated driver so am probably the only one (other than Bob) who is feeling just fine this morning!!

Hope to get the tree down today and maybe go see Charlie Wilson's War. We saw National Treasure on Saturday - very good!! I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys action/adventure movies.

We also got to visit with Craig's parents and sister last weekend. It was great to see them. It just doesn't seem possible that his sister will be graduating from college this spring! Starting to feel old yet, Craigster???

It is very cold and blustery here today. The wind is really kicking up the leaves that we never got picked up since the lawn tractor was not working properly! Maybe this cold north wind can blow them all down into the creek. That would be awesome!!

Well - for those who made New Year's resolutions - good luck! I gave up on that years ago!!

Count down to our cruise.....30 days to FL and 31 to cruising!!

Happy New Year!!

Love you and KYHD,
the Mom


Jessica said...

Ah, thanks mom :)

Craig says you can say I'm cute b/c you don't have to take me home! Then he confirmed, I am cute when I drink!

Had a lot of fun- I stopped drinking about 10:30pm, so I'm feeling good today!

Shennie said...

You're cute all the time, Donut! Have you checked out my blog?