Thursday, January 10, 2008

Spice Rack

Ok, I think many people have pointed out the fact that the Mom's pantry needed to be cleaned out because there were things in there that had been there as long as they'd been in the house. So she did, and it's wonderfully organized now. But since I seem to be on a roll with weird things, I had to tell everyone that when we were searching through the cabinets for vanilla extract last night we found an albeutural inhaler, prescribed to the Mom (she doesn't know why) from, brace yourselves, 1995. Time to clean out the cupboards too, methinks. Ok, well I thought that was amusing.


Mom said...

Jessie should get a kick out of this one!! But not to worry - she is renting a dumpster while the dad and I are on our cruise so expect the house will be EMPTY upon our return!!

Shennie said...

When Donut gets done at your house, have her come to mine!