Friday, January 4, 2008

New Laptop

Ok, I am really becoming the person I said I'd never be! They tried to deliver my new laptop to my house yesterday; but, it has to be signed for and I wasn't there. So, after calling DHL and then DELL (because Dell has to change the delivery address not me or DHL) and talking to two different towns in India, it was finally agreed that they would credit me $60 toward the purchase of my new laptop if I drove to DHL and picked it up. Guess what - it didn't cost me $60 to drive to Shrewsbury this morning, so I got another $60 off the price of my new laptop. Thanx to Ben and Dell and the computer gods, I got a grand total of $227 and change off my laptop. The guys here at the office were excited about my new toy so we got it all installed and ready. I even found out that my new ipod can be an external drive for the laptop. I am getting way too geeky for my own good. Look out DA and Ben! I'm just hoping that when I get it home it'll work just as well. The campus here is wireless, so it was easy. I'll let you know.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. Say a prayer for Dennis - he starts his chemo on Thursday. No radiation - I guess that's a good thing.

Happy weekend!


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