Saturday, April 3, 2010

Promotion (or lack thereof)

Well, unfortunately as the title suggests, I have yet to be officially promoted; however, on my records it does show my DOR (Date of Rank) as being 20100401 for SGT. So now it falls on the command group to get my orders signed to make it formally recognized. The Promotion Orders have already been cut and mailed to the MAJ that is responsible for in-theater promotions. I am just waiting for him to sign them and get them to my unit. I am all set with my new camera which takes very good video (HD) and after the ceremony, I will make sure to get chelsey a copy of it and the pictures so she can post them/share them with everyone else. Well, thats about it for now, oh and chelsey has my mailing address now for the FOB I am going to (for the meantime).

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Grandma Mac said...

Thought of you tonight. Dad and I went to an Hibachi restaurant for dinner. The last time I was at one was when we all came to see you before your first deployment. What fun that was!! Sorry about he delay in your promotion...not to worry, it will happen! Stay safe and KYHD. Love you!