Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So yea

Looks like Chelsey may have found us a more suitable place that will be just right for the two of us (and affordable!). And its located right outside of post. Course I am still looking forward to coming home and seeing everyone and just be glad to be back around civilization (and I stress the word civilization) I see Jennie is getting closer and closer to her due date. Wish I could be home for the birth but hopefully the whole family or most can be around for christmas (especially me!)

Anywho, things are definitely starting to cool off with the high this week only reach 108, which has already come and gone. The rest of the week is maybe a high of 100. And a storm appears to be rolling in around the weekend (needs reminding of what the word weekend means...) But things are going good. I am already passed the 1,000 combat hours in country and apparently I need to start hitting the books and getting some awards because promotion points recently PLUMMETED to a new 3-year low. So with a few classes and some better PT scores, I could be the next SGT... /ends dreaming.. D'oh!

Well, hope all is well back home and cannot wait to let you guys know when for sure we should be packing up, though we probably wont know for another month or so. At least for a solid timeline.


Jessica said...

Yeah! you posted! great hearing from you. Can't wait to hear when you'll be home!!

Love you!

Chris said...

Keep up the good work D!

Mom said...

Good to hear from you! It will be great to see you WHENEVER you get back to the states!!

Love you & KYHD,

Shennie said...

YEAH! News from my favorite nephew! Can't wait for you to get home. I hope I get to see you when/if I get out there for Christmas. I have to pay my own way :,).

Love you! KYHD.