Monday, September 15, 2008

Boo Hoo

So, first I would like to with the Dad and the Jennie a happy but belated birthday(s). Yea, I would have to have called or been on line to send something, however, some ****bag decided to go postal at a Patrol Base and things got a little ugly. So yea, things are still the same here. Getting much cooler thats for sure (barely breaking 105 the last couple days, so its been nice). Reports are still pointing to sometime between december and January, but a sister UAV unit has already started to wind down and begin packing up since they will be out of here by mid to late November and we will be right behind them, sucking down their dust.

Well, not a whole lot is really going on in aviation world, except that one of our AVs was granted its wish... Its DEATH WISH... muhaha (its been nicknamed the exorcist bird because it does crazy stuff that defies aviation and real-world physics... it hasnt quite spun its nosewheel 360, not that it has a nosewheel anymore...But other than that, we are really just logging hours. Cant say much else really, but yea, thigns are definitely very quiet here.

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Shennie said...

Good to hear from you, Scoots. The dates are sounding better and better. Just KYHD in the meantime. LYL