Saturday, September 13, 2008

Good News!

When I posted the other day, Jennie had received news that she had gestational diabetes. On Thursday she saw her OB/GYN doc and he said NO that she does not have gestational diabetes. There was some confusion with her test results, but the good news is she does NOT have gestational diabetes. She has to watch her diet...reduce carbs and refined sugars, drink lots of water and get some exercise which at this point is easier said than done! She is getting quite big around the middle. Jess took some pics the other night so watch her blog for baby bump updates!

They are working on the nursery now. Rob painted it this week so all they have to do is put up the Winnie the Pooh border. He also painted our "nursery". Both rooms look great...he really does a nice job and is much quicker than us! We will be replacing the carpet in our nursery before Rebecca is born. I think J&B are going to have the carpet in their nursery cleaned. I would like to have our room ready by 1 Nov...we'll see!

Today we are having a belated birthday party for Ben, Jennie and Dad. Craig was supposed to be included, but he and Jess decided to go to Vegas for the weekend, so his will have to wait until Oct when we celebrate Jess' birthday. For their (J&B's) birthdays we are giving them a video camera. Ben will be picking one out. Hopefully we will have it for the Baby Shower on 10 Oct.

We were hoping to swim today.It is warm enough, but it is supposed to start raining this afternoon and rain thru Monday. Remnants of a Pacific storm and Ike. They are predicting 3-6 inches on Sunday. The sun is out right now, but the clouds are moving in.

J&B have started childbirth/parenting classes. Things sure have changed since I had you guys! Oh well....I guess I am getting old: my baby is having a baby! I LOVE IT!!

Hope all is well with you. Any news about anything?? Sure would be good to hear from you!

Love you lots and KYHD!

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Shennie said...

I'm thrilled JJ doesn't have GD. Makes things a lot less complicated.
And, yes, Mike, things have changed since your kids were born. They now have maternity wards and antibiotics!