Monday, May 10, 2010

Latest from Iraq...

So its been 2 months since we have arrived in theater (pass the popcorn)... So far we have managed to piss off the locals by constantly flying around. We have enjoyed some yummy BBQ at our sister site. I have been promoted to Sergeant (AT EASE!!)... We have been established at the bastard child/shining star of the TOC (Tactical Operational Center)... I have been able to set in stone that I will be home for the birth of our first baby mac. So yea, that's 2 months of deployment in a nutshell.

Oh, and apparently the human body (specifically the human thigh) is no match when put against(thats an understatement) an after-market, up-armored metal HMMWV front bumper...Me Just an hour of colliding with the HMMWV

My "I cannot believe I did this" grin...

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Jessica said...

Um, ouch.

Good talking with you buddy!

Love you