Monday, June 14, 2010

"Three minutes is like doing 200 push-ups"

Except for the fact that my abdominal machine is running for 40 minutes twice a day. What I am referring to is the Flex belt. Now I only just got it so I cannot show results just yet, but I have taken a before picture and will take pictures after one week, three weeks and so forth to show my progress. My goal is to incorporate this into my work-out so that i can get a taste for what its like having 6-pack abs for the first time in my life. The Flex Belt has 7 different toning settings with 99 intensity levels. Due to my on-going PT routine, I was able to start out at level 35 (currently pushing 50 as I type this). My goal is to be able to consistently do level 99 for 40 minutes twice a day every day. Right now its definitely working my abs to the extreme, but its not uncomfortable nor can anyone tell that i am wearing it till they see my abs constrict. I am definitely optimistic about this investment.

Update: So upon further reading of the manual, I found the program I liked the most. Its # 6 and is by far the strongest in terms of contraction intensity (but it varies in itself between long pauses, strong bursts and short but powerful bursts).

Yup, you can find it @

Lately i have been using Program 6, which has the strongest muscle contractions out of them all (its called Ab-Power). And I am feeling the workout now. And I dont know any one personally that has used it, but of all the EMS devices out there, this one has the highest reviews/positive comments. The only negative I saw was the person said they wanted to just lose weight and not get a 6-pack look. lol (whatever dude)

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Jessica said...

Interesting... I can't wait to see pics.

Do you know anyone else that has used it with success??

I need to Google this contraption... is it the thing that send electrical pulses through your stomach to force the muscles to contract?