Sunday, February 24, 2008

Glad you made it back safely!

DA - Good to hear from you safely back to Iraq and it was also good to talk with you Wed evening. You sounded tired, but then it was 0230 hours where you were calling from!!

Well - JJ, B, JS, C, B, & K made it safely to Ft Lauderdale yesterday. They flew out just in time. We woke up to 2-3 inches of snow this AM on top of the snow,sleet, & ice from Thursday and Friday! Have already heard from them that it is sunny and warm and a great day for sailing in FL!!

J&B's cat, Jet, has already hissed, meowed and rubbed up against my legs as if I were her best friend. All in the same day! She is soooooo messed up!! Matt has been taking care of Coop this weekend. On Tuesday he (Coop, not Matt!) gets to go to Doggie Day Camp!! Can you believe it?? He passed his "interview" with flying colors!! I guess he didn't pee on the interviewer's leg!!

Well - mounds of laundry await in the laundry room.....I guess the Irish washer woman couldn't make it out in this weather!

Love you and KYHD!!

the Mom

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Shennie said...

Hint on dealing with Jet - carry a plastic bag! It hates plastic bags - heads for the hills.

I think Matt might like Doggy Day Camp!