Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Safe Trip

Was surprised to see a Blog from you so soon. How long was your Layover in Germany? From Germany you go to where? No, I am not doing Typos; I found out from a Friend that in the German Language, all the Nouns are capitalized. Makes for some interesting typing. Back to normal...

It was great talking to you the other afternoon. I hope you made it to the Arch. How was the view once you got there? Better you than me. I get dizzy on a step stool.

You were right on Sunday - we had rain all day yesterday here in Massachusetts. Any more and I would have been able to do laps in my cellar. Speaking of cellar - I went down there Sunday to do a load of laundry after talking to you and on my way back to the stairs to come up, I spotted a dead mouse! EEEEKK! After fretting about it for a couple hours I decided that I was going to have to face dealing with it, so I mustered up my courage and grabbed the dustpan and brush. After I finished exchanging loads between the washer and dryer, I scooped the carcass into the dustpan and carried it to the bathroom window (it was the closest without a screen) and tossed it outside. As of yesterday it was still in the backyard; I was hoping some larger critter would find it a delectable midnight snack! Yet another reason I don't have a cat.

I'm back to work today - YUK! My next life I'm going to be born rich instead of beautiful. I did not want to come in this morning. It wasn't that I hated to get up (tho' that wasn't all that pleasant), but I just don't like work interrupting my life.

I hope the rest of your trip back to the base is safe and uneventful. Those are always the best kind. I'll try to get the care package I've been saving ready to be shipped by the weekend. It needs some rearranging and some padding. Think of it as a belated Valentine's Day present.

Vaya con Dios! KYHD!


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