Monday, October 20, 2008

Sleep, per chance to dream...

Well, as you've probably heard by now the Red Sox will not be heading on to the World Series with Philadelphia. The Rays won that game. We just couldn't seem to bring our runners home - we've been stranding too many guys on base.

But, we've won two of the past four World Series, so I think we can let another team enjoy the spotlight. As much as I never have been or probably never will be a fan of Tampa Bay, I do have to recognize them for their climb from worst to first in the AL this year. Good job, guys. Now go away.

The one advantage of all this, I don't have to stay up any more watching games. I can go to bed at my normal hour. Ah, sleep!

As us Red Sox fans have been known to say, "Wait until next year!".

G O P H I L I E S!!!!!

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