Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Great" News, Part II

I just got off the phone with Aunt Janet. She got home from China last night. She's got a thousand stories to tell - and only about 3 of them make me want to go there for a visit. But, she is thrilled that she went. The best part was that her "roommate" didn't show up so she had a private room to herself during the whole trip. ...and she lost 5 lbs!

I laughed when she called because of your blog and when I told her about it saying she is going to be a great, great aunt, she laughed and told me that I keep reminding her of that! So, she's thrilled about the new baby as well. Be on the lookout for a package from Wallingford.

She couldn't talk any longer - she was going out to play cards!

Please tell JJ not to plan on blogging during labor - I'll think she'll have more on her mind than punctuation.

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