Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving 2008!

The turkey is in the oven. The potatoes are peeled. The sweet potato and apple casserole is ready as is the green bean casserole to go in the oven along with the extra stuffing when the turkey comes out!! Jess will be making carrot puff when she gets here and she is bringing a corn dish! No one should go away hungry today!!

Again this year I am tempted to call the Butterball Turkey Hotline and complain!! Why the #%*! do they have to put the extra turkey stuff in plastic bags INSIDE to turkey and then freeze it harder than a rock??? Every year I feel as though I should be on World Wrestling as I am trying to get the turkey to give up it's giblets, etc. again! Why couldn't the wizards at Butterball put the bag of stuff on the OUTSIDE????
I'm convinced that the genius who came up with this idea has never had to fight with a frozen turkey Thanksgiving or Christmas morning!! 'nuf said.

Today we will be celebrating out first Thanksgiving with our precious granddaughter/niece! I can hardly wait to welcome her to Grandma and Grandpa's house!
Today will be the first of many happy celebrations with her. How blessed we are!!

Last night, DA called. He wanted to wish us all a very Happy Thanksgiving! He is packed and ready for the flights that will bring him back to the good old USA.
We are ready to welcome him back and celebrate with him at Ft Stewart on Thursday - one week from today!!

So, to family and friends, Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels!


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