Saturday, November 29, 2008

Phase 1

Phase 1 out "Get David Out of Iraq" is over. Right now I am currently sitting in a cot that will be my bed for the next few days till we can move on to Phase 2. Like I was telling JL and JB, carrying around 226 lbs of gear left me sore as hell. I woke up this morning after an actual 10-hour sleep (thats after having been up for 20 hours) and I could barely move. Arms and chest are sore, shoulders are shot, have jell-o for walking legs(if stumbling around aimlessly is walking). Neck doesnt feel too bad, but is definitely stiff. Right now we are just kind of relaxed waiting for others to get up so we can go to chow. I do have internet in the tent so I can easily talk to people when they are online. Anywho, I think people are ready to go to chow so I need to get going. Talk to everyone later


Mom said...

Are you in Baghdad or Kuwait?? I can hardly wait to see you this week!!

Shennie said...

Yes, what sod is below your wobbly legs?