Monday, March 22, 2010

Another Fun Day

Well, got to wake up at 0500 KT *Kuwait Time* to get ready for MET (MRAP Egress Trainer). Basically we get to wear our body armor, kevlar, eye pro, gloves, knee/elbow pads and get put into a MRAP simulator and they roll us as if we are involved in a roll-over accident (or struck by IED). Was pretty cool get spun around (was hanging upside down and chanting,"Look ma, no hands..." After that, we went by Panda Oriental (Kuwait's version of Panda Express and had Mandarin Chicken, Triple Fried Rice, 2 Orange Fantas, and 2 Desert Dews.

It has already started warming up quite a bit here. But it did actually rain last night which was not all that weird considering that we have had a lot of cloud cover since we arrived. Supposed to be in the 80's for the next few days.Got the chance to re-arrange our sleep tent so that people weren't scrunched together to make room for a sister battalion. Still waiting to see when cutoff scores will come out to see if I get picked up this month or not.

I have informed Chelsey about the good but interesting news, so she will pass the info on to family and friends (not something that can be posted on here due to risk of endangering myself and my unit.) I know chelsey is excited about the news. I will say this: I will be in a much better situation...

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