Sunday, March 28, 2010

Calling Card

David scrounged up his old calling card number, and the number that will show up begins with 199. So if you get a call that begins with 199 you should probably try to answer it. Just giving everyone a heads up. I know it gets annoying when you feel you have to pick up every random number that calls you just in case it's him. While he could still call from a different number, it's looking like this should be consistent for at least a little while.

He's safe and sound at Camp Adder, and is being told that after his promotion he'll be taking over as Squad Leader of 1st Squad. Taking over as in replacing the SGT that is there now (because he's not very good at his job) and the squads are arranged by rank. In theory, the better soldiers are in 1st Squad. Hoo-rah honey!


Jennie said...

Hoo-rah! Good job, Dave!

Jennie said...

Will we be getting e-mails/messages with his address soon, then? I'd like to get a package together for him. I know we can't mail them until after the first of the month, so I'll wait until then (I haven't even started getting the materials together yet, so Jess, if you want to contribute, we can send one big box if you want...)

Shennie said...

I've got a box started here in Massachusetts. Please email me with snail-mail address as soon as it is available.

KYHD, Sarge!