Friday, March 19, 2010

First Stop

Well, I am Officially in Bangor, Maine. Having to use my phone for internet to my laptop since the airport wi-fi seems to be having problems. (Definitely caught some looks and evil glares from a few people. ) Was also fun explaining to a Master Sergeant on how I had to hack my phone to do it (He looked at my rank and was like damn, I need THAT job (MOS)...)

Commander just stopped by to see if I was the Sleep Guard (A few of the guys in the platoon are resting up)

Next stop is Shannon, Ireland. Going back to the motherland. (Forgive me gramps. lol)

Definitely cold... Well time to go.


Shennie said...

Big Gene would be happy but Wully might have a thing or two to say about it! Did you get a free meal once you arrived on the "old sod"?

Shennie said...

Were the greeters at the Bangor Airport when you flew in?

I hope so.

Chris said...

Yes, the greeters were at the Bangor Airport. Quite a few were vietnam vets.

Jessica said...

AH yeah! They were greeted in Maine!!

Thanks for posting! I love hearing from you!!

Love you!