Thursday, March 25, 2010

But Sarge!?

Well, its official. My name is on the Army Promotion By-name list. So now I just have to wait for april 1st to roll around. Course in the meantime, I am thinking about looking at getting a camera for my deployment here and am wondering if I were to post some of the available ones here in kuwait, which ones people would recommend. And of course this px stocks up on plenty of full bird colonel and sergeant major rank, but they have more corporal rank than sergeant rank for pinning on my patrol cap... Ugh. May have to wait till I get in-country to find some pin-on rank (or break off the bottom rocker of Staff Sergeant rank if that will work)


Jennie said...

I highly recommend the Flip Ultra HD digital video camera. It's the one I have and use many times per week. It's basically a P.H.D. camera (Push Here Dummy). SOOOOOO easy to use. Aim camera at target, push the red button to start recording. Push red button to stop recording. Plug USB into laptop, videos load themselves. Select video to post online (Facebook included). Done. EASY.

Jessica said...

Congrats on your promo!!

So proud!

Shennie said...

OK - It's April 1 - I am assuming it is technically, officially, really, honest-to-goodness true that you are now Sgt. McCarthy!

That's my Scoots!

Congratulations. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!