Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Latest News

So now that people are starting to get the word, I can say that as noted on my facebook page, I have met all requirements required by the US Army Promotion Branch to be promoted to the Rank of Sergeant. It is not official as of yet, but our company S1 is working the paperwork so that there will not be any delays. Also, both Mom and Chelsey know that I will be going to a nicer, more established FOB (mom noted that it definitely looks better, course it is run by USAF). Also, I spoke with Chelsey and she says that her mid-wife has lined up a company that will be able to setup her at-home pump so hopefully once that is established, she will be able to finally be discharged from the hospital.

For my promotion ceremony which will likely happen at the beginning of next month, I will have a fellow soldier use his camera to record the pin-on ceremony so that I can then pass it on to chelsey who will be able to then distribute it to the rest of the family. Also, I will pass on to chelsey our mailing address so people can start sending stuff out around the first of the month.


Grandma Mac said...

Hey bud - It's been really great talking with you. Thanks, Chelsey, for sharing your phone time with me. I really appreciate it and so does the rest of the family as they get to hear first hand how he is doing. Congratulations on the promotion! I'm anxious to see the pin - on video. Good news about the change of plans, too!! Don't forget, we need a snail mail address when you can get us one.

Jessica said...

Yea!! Congrats on the promo!


Love you bud!