Wednesday, April 23, 2008


DA - Since we have not gotten a visit from 2 uniformed Army officers (one being a chaplain), I assume you are still alive! It sure would be nice to hear from you. Just a blog would be nice!!
We are all fine here. Chelsey is recovering nicely, though she is still sore. Katie has been helping her during her recovery. I went back to work this morning - I took Monday & Tuesday off to be with Chelsey, etc.(see for details). Jennie is well - past most of the morning sickness, but now the exhaustion has set in. Ben got my TV and DVR set up Sunday evening, so I have my own space now downstairs in the back room - computer, TV, DVR, VCR & DVD player, couch, & loveseat. It is great! Jess and Craig are working on finishing their basement with help, of course. How are you??????????????????????

I hear your shift has changed so that affects when you can get on line, call, etc.. but something in the form of communication would sure be nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess that is about it for now. Must finish making dinner: spaghetti, meat sauce, bread and salad.(and wine....lots of wine!)

Love you lots & KYHD,
the mom

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