Saturday, April 26, 2008

hey everyone

I know a lot of you have been concerned since i havent been on lately or posting much. But be rest assured that i am doing ok. I havent been able to be on much mainly cuz of the switch from my 1200-0001 shift to 2100-0900. So adjusting to developing a new sleep pattern, when to eat and shower and whatnot. But anywho, things are going good. I was off flight status for a little bit as Chelsey and Jessica are aware of. But as of today I am back on flight status after 'investigators' determined that it was a software failure that led to a hardware malfunction that caused the UAV to make an "unscheduled" landing in a local Sheik's field. And let me tell ya, what a landing it was! Our unit and FSR (Civilian Field Service Representatives) both are very disappointed in the Warrant officer that led the investigation. He had no understand whatsoever in UAV operations/abilities/limitations or anything remotely close. He pretty much said that it was one of our guys' fault that it crashed even before hearing any of the evidence (in which case that individual filed a formal complaint against the WO for not being able to be an impartial/unbiased investigator. It was only through the hard work of our FSR, maintainers and working with the UAS commander that the true cause was found.

Other than that mishap, things have been going good at Launch/Recovery Site (LRS for now). I am being trained up as a mission commander there, which let me tell ya is much more involved that a Forward Site (F/S) MC. The LRS MC has much more paperwork and forms and spreadsheets to fill out and complete than most supply clerks. On top of that, he has to work with the different Brigade S2 ISR personnel (ISR: Information Surveillance Report) as well as Division G2 (Civilian contractor who works with G3 on scheduling flights and working to de-conflict AV frequencies.

I know some of you are wondering how the weather has been around here and there is only one way to put it: Warm. You are probably thinking that I am crazy for saying that 108 F is warm, but seeing as how that is what it will be at night when during the day its between 125 and 145 F, then ya its warm. (even cool with a 37 degree temp drop. But for now, I will continue to sweat and blame iraq and Allah and whoever I can for being in a place that no human being should reside in, more less fight a war. I will say it does suck when I wake up at 1700 for chow and its still over 100 F outside and when I go to work at 2030, its 95 F.

Well, its currently (0950) and its 97 F, and its supposed to hit 105 today, and 105 tomorrow (but tonight will be a nice cool 78 F). Well I need to go shower cuz I am sweaty and sticky and blah... I love you guys!


Shennie said...

Do your messages come with English subtitles? It's a good thing I'm proficient in M*A*S*H or I'd never understand your blogs.

Glad to hear you're alive and well. ...yeah, but isn't it a dry heat? (sic)

Love you and KYHD! Remember, you've got farther to duck than I would!

David said...

Its true its dry heat, but lets just say that when it gets to 110 like it did the one day, the wind and heat feels like a hair dryer on your face. And Speaking of which, I need to get my hair cut. But yea, even today I got the feeling, though I was in the gator (golf-cart like vehicle without the top) and had a chinook's exhaust blowing right on me. It sucked!!!