Friday, April 18, 2008

Quake and Wake!

That's what we did @ 04:36 today! It was really something. I was already awake and heard the quake before actually feeling it. At first noise, I thought the cats were fighting...they can sound like 2 horses runnng through the house. I quickly realized it was not them and thought perhaps a train was passing through. When the "quaking" began I realized it was not a train. The whole house shook for about 10-15 seconds (it seemed much longer!), then it subsided. The whole scenario from start to end was about 45 seconds. Just as we were all starting to feel comfortable, it happened again. At 10:15, the practice started to rock and roll! It was quite a powerful aftershock. It is the wierdest feeling to have a house or large building shake all around you!! Luckily there was very minimal damage in the area. The first report of damage was from worries, though, Rick and Jan slept right through it!
A section of Kingshighway in St Louis was closed for a few hours for inspection but it has since reopened. There have been some reports of crack in basements, but so far nothing major. We are very lucky...see Jess & Chelsey's blogs for details of magnitude, etc....
So, bud - how ya doin? I saw you briefly on camera while you were chatting with Chelsey earlier this week, but you guys quit before I could say HI! She said that your shift has changed. I wondered why you had not been online much when I would check. Hope you are well and hangin' in there. It would be nice to talk to you either on the phone or online!

Take care of yourself and keep in touch.
Love you lots & KYHD!!

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