Sunday, April 27, 2008

Welcome, Chris Long

FYI - The Rams drafted Chris Long, as in the son of Howie Long! I have got to get to a Rams game this season. How cool would it be to see Howie Long in person. Mind you I was never a Raiders fan (in fact, I hated them - they played dirty, etc.), but every team has some awesome players and Howie long was one of them. In addition, he is a nice guy - articulate, funny, and gorgeous!! Even at his age!! I am soooooo excited. This is almost as good as getting to meet Gov Huckabee and LeVar Burton!!
I can hardly wait for football season to start!!

BTW - Jess, I will need every Sunday off starting in Sept and going through to the Superbowl!! jk...but it would be nice!!

Hugs and kisses & KYHD,
the Mom


Jessica said...

I'm excited about Chris Long, too!

Actually, I'm excited about ANYONE the Rams can pick up. They need all the help they can get.

Shennie said...

Do the Rams have a football team? I heard they're thinking about forming a baseball team!

Mom said...

To Shennie - The Rams will play baseball when Bill Belicheck puts his video camera away!

David said...

Yea, thats when Jessica says to the mom: Yea, I am going to need you to come in on saturday... oh.. and probably sunday too. We, uh, lost some people so we kind of need to pick up the slack..m'kay?