Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hey! Back at you!

Hey bud - good to hear from you. I knew you were OK 'cuz you had talked with Chelsey, but it is still good to hear from you on the blog or by phone.

We just finished lunch and the girls, Katie and Chelsey, have gone to Ace Hardware to pick up a new table and chairs for the new deck. They have been doin' stuff around the house, etc to earn money for the trip to Colorado. They were excited to do this 'cuz I let them take my car - the Santa Fe. I think that they will be able to fit the table and chairs in the back with the back seats down...we'll see.

Sorry to hear about losing one of your "birds". Even better to hear that it was not "pilot error"!! Was it one of yours? as in one from Ft Stewart?? Congratulations on learning to be a Flight Commander. It is generally true that the higher up you go the more papers you get to push around!! Hopefully, you will still get to "fly". Will you??

We are starting to get excited about the Health Care Forum we are sponsoring on 14 May with Mike Huckabee and LeVar Burton. Dad talked with Gov Huckabee by phone for about 30 minutes last Wednesday afternoon. This coming Wednesday he'll chat with LeVar Burton. We'll take lots of pictures so be watching for them after the 14th.

Hope all is well and try to stay cool...Things are greening up here from all the rain we had this spring. The red bud trees are beautiful this year. All the flowering trees have been, really.

Again, it was great to hear from you! We love you lots...please keep in touch.
Thanks to you and all your buddies for the jobs you do. Safe travels to Baghdad for your re-enlistment ceremony.

Hugs and kisses & KYHD,
the Mom

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