Saturday, May 17, 2008

Armed Forces Weekend

I'll fill in more details tomorrow, but today was pack up day for Care Packages to the Troops. There's a gal here in town that's been doing this since 2004. Today there were 2 tents and dozens of workers sorting and packing and labeling and filling in customs forms. I did that. I'm on a quest to figure out a more efficient way to fill them in without getting writers' cramp! My knitsters and I completed 126 Pocket Prayer Shawls that will go to the troops for whom we have real names. Many of the packages go to folks on; however, we have many names of people to whom someone locally has a connection - like you, Scoots. There's a package with your name on it. Please, please, if you know of anyone who doesn't get the mail, phone calls, attention that you do who could use a little encouragement, let me know. Don't be shy about it. You can email me.

The packages contain amazing things from Twizzlers to crossword books to shaving cream to letters from local 4th graders. Please let me know when you get yours. It will say that it's from Lisa Braccio but down under your address I wrote, "Hi, Scoots!".

The Blue Star Mothers are going to do a mailing in July. I'll be working on that as well.

I was going to come home and contact some of the TV stations in Boston but 2 things stopped me: 1) my computer couldn't talk to the Internet; and 2) Teddy Kennedy was taken to the hospital so EVERY station within a 100 mile radius is camped out at Mass General Hospital. Gee, I didn't get that much attention when I was admitted to MGH!!!!!!

As you can see my computer is working again after 1 long call to Verizon and a long call to India (aka Dell). We finally did a restore as a last resort. THAT worked.

Well, attitude adjustment hour is 11 minutes old so I'll close now and go back to working on more Pocket Prayer Shawls and laundry. I lead such an exciting life!!! Aren't you jealous?

So, from all of us here in Southborough, MA, to all of you over there for us



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