Thursday, May 8, 2008


Ok, so I managed to sign my soul over to the Army once, and that was ok. Now I've really done it. And voluntarily (NO GUN TO THE HEAD, new development eh? lol) So anywho, around the end of the month, I will be heading up North to be re-sworn into the United States Army for an additional 6 years... Wait!? Did I say 6? Damn, thats like more than a quarter of my life I will be giving (9 years in all. and thats almost a third. ) And I have 2 options, have my XO (executive officer: kind of like a vice commander) swear me in. Or have the AMC (The Mom and the Dad know what THAT IS) 4 Star swear me in. (and that would be at the Al Faw Palace (which i've been to before, but wouldnt mind revisiting especially since it would be on the exact day that i left for basic 3 years ago (damn, 3 years. Needs to wake up or something... That cant be right).

So, Chelsey (The Wife), when can ya post pics of the house (before we move in pics). I want to know what the house looks like:)

Well, anywho I am tired and hungry and want sleep then eat. So everyone have a great day!


Shennie said...

AMC - isn't that a tv channel ~ or a defunct car company?

Good luck, Scoots ~ my prayers are with you.

Mom said...

Is the AMC 4 star Air Force or Army? I seems to me they rotate between the 2 branches, and since we are not involved in that any more, I'm not sure which branch is at the helm right now. In any case, really KYHD when traveling to the "big" city. How long will you be there and what mode of transportation to get there??

Love you lots,
the mom

Jessica said...

Yea! Glad to see you posted.

It's nice to hear that you'll be employed for 6 more years.

4 star, eh?

Thats a lotta stars!

David said...

Yea, from my understanding, its likely its the Army's turn at the AMC control. But it will likely be a blackhawk since its the safest means of travel here in Iraq. (from city to city anywho)