Thursday, May 29, 2008

I, David, do solemnly swear...

Thats right people. I have formally and ceremonially re-enlisted in the United States Army. Six more years (5 once i get state-side again). The Re-enlistment ceremony went well. Flew out this morning on a Blackhawk and got to sit in the down-wash seat (trust me, its the 'best seat' to if you like rotor downwash (rush of air kicked down from the spinning of the rotary blades. Enough to make your uniform flap like crazy, and blow sunglasses right off your face if not careful. And good luck keeping your eyes open.

But going to the ruins of Babylon was quite the experience. It was the first (and probably last time, least for awhile) that i got to leave a military installation in a military convoy. weapons loaded, body armor, the works. But the area is very pro-america, (when Muqtada Al Sadr isnt ordering his militia to attack)... Got to see and be in the Palace of Nebe-chad-nezzer , as well as the Palace of Hammurabi. (Even got to see the holy palm tree that Saddam took one bite from the fruit). It was certainly warm, even at 1030 in the morning, especially when wearing IBA( Body armor), Kevlar (Helmet), and carrying around a SAW (my weapon) loaded with a full 200-count drum of ammunition.

Now planning was definitely jacked up. First, everyone knew I was trying to get the Green Zone, but the Battalion and Brigade weren't keen on the idea. And then even with plenty of notice, they couldn't arrange for one of my best friends to make it out for my ceremony (though having my old Platoon Leader was nice. She definitely understands UAVs better than most senior Officers. Plus my Battalion Commander and best friend since Ft Stewart was there, so it was definitely worth the trip. Well, I am going to go lay down for a little bit before heading back home later tonight


Shennie said...

Dear DA,

Congratulations, Thank You, and God Bless You.

We're proud of you and we're looking forward to having you back home safe and sound.

While reading your blog I was reminded of the M*A*S*H episode where the area retention officer visits the 4077th. Somehow I think your re-enlistment went a lot better and with a lot less fol-der-all!

Again, God Bless. We love you! And KYHD!


Mom said...

Hey Bud - Congratulations! That must have been an awesome trip inspite of everything else going on! Ditto to what A.S. said! Hope you are back safe and sound to Camp Kalsu. Have you received the autographed pictures yet? I figure you should be getting them soon if you have not already.

Love you and miss you,
the mom

Shennie said...

Scoots ~ Did you get a Care Package yet?