Sunday, May 11, 2008


First of all ~ Happy Mother's Day to the Mom and Happy Mother-to-Be Day to the Big Sis!

Keep your eyes out, Scoots, for several things. My friend, Carol, in Ct ~ and old, old friend from Silver Lake, has added your name and address to a cookie brigade. So, if you get some cookies some day ~ not from Illinois, you'll know where they've come from. Next, while working on the PPS's (Pocket Prayer Shawls) up here in Massachusetts and with all the emails flying back and forth, I got an email from the woman who is President of the Blue Star Mothers here in Massachusetts. She was writing to thank me for my efforts. She was even interviewed by one of the reporters from one of the TV stations in Boston and it supposed to air this morning for Mother's Day. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to tape a program. I asked her if I could be a Blue Star Aunt and she's making me an associate member of the Blue Star Mothers. How awesome!

Anyway, I've had all my knitsters plying their needles and yarn and, thus far, we have well over 100 PPS's made. We dedicated them this morning at church. We've got them in all colors and shapes and (small) sizes. Most have a cross sewn on them but several have a Star of David. Each is in its own little baggie with a card stating where and why it was made and that it was dedicated in our church. I gave one to a family whose son is in the USAF stationed in Pensacola. Another one went to a mom and dad whose daughter is being commissioned in the USA Corp of Engineers at the end of the month. After the service I had 2 people come up to me and each ask for one because they have someone in their family who is in the service as well. AND, I have one just for you that I will mail later on this week. It's small, it's personal and meant to either be carried in a pocket or put somewhere close. It's meant to let you know that you are thought about a lot and loved even more.

We're still collecting them; next weekend there will be an all out packing effort to send Care Packages to our Troops overseas. I don't think we'll have enough to put one in each package that we send, but we'll be able to send quite a few. I don't even know where the packages are sent, except that the woman who does this each year has been doing it for quite a while.

{Just an aside ~ I'm still getting used to 21st C technology. I've got the golf match on (yes, I'm Grandpa's daughter) and I was fussing that I should have waited to start this message until after the match was over cuz I was sitting at my desk in the dining room. Then, DUH, I've got a laptop and wireless! So, now I'm sitting in the living room with the laptop on my lap (how novel) and I've got the golf match on the TV.}

Back to the PPS's ~ The Blue Star Mothers will be doing a mailing in July and I've promised them as many as we can make, so ~ amongst all my other projects ~ I'll be making these for quite a while.

So, after a bunch of paragraphs and a lot of words and a promise here and there, suffice it to say that we love you, miss you and are praying for you and all your buddies.

Not much else exciting here in Massachusetts. Talking to the Mom so I'll close.


Love you ~


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