Sunday, May 4, 2008

Height ~ Or Lack Thereof

I was going to post this on my blog, but figured that DA would get the biggest kick out of it. However, if I hear one snicker from any of you, I will punch you in the knees!

After church this morning, I went grocery shopping. I was just about done (not a huge list) and I decided to go find some of those disposable aluminum pans. Well, I finally found them ~ hanging ABOVE the top shelf in aisle 5!

Now, just to refresh your memory, I am only 5' tall - on a good day (unless you measure me when I first get up and them I'm over 6' ~ check with the Doc). I have trouble reaching the second box back on the top shelf in the grocery store.

So, where do they put some items - ABOVE the top shelf. When I stood on my tippy-tippy toes, I could touch the bottom of the pans in their rack. But, in order to get them out of the rack, you had to push them up about 3 inches over the lip. Not in my wildest dreams. Even if you goosed me, I couldn't have reached them! And, wouldn't you know it, as busy as the store was, there wasn't another soul in that same aisle. Oh well. Another sale lost.

Smarten up, Stop & Shop. Not everyone is Wilt "the Stilts" Chamberlain!


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