Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hey Bud! How's it goin'?

I just wanted to say hi! It's been a while and I have a few minutes while supper is heating up...just soup and sandwich tonite.

It sounds like Chelsey and Katie found a place in Colorado Springs, near Ft Carson I guess. Now they are on their way to Phoenix to pick up the kitties and then head back to IL. Then the fun of packing begins...I sure DO NOT miss those days! But Colorado Springs is beautiful and I look forward to visiting many times while you are stationed there. When Katie called yesterday she said she was looking @ Cheyenne Mountain. She was excited of course from seeing it on Stargate SG1 and Atlantis. You can see it from the highway if you know what you are looking for. She said they had also gone by the AF Academy and Pike's Peak. It will be fun to see all the sights and reconnect with several AF friends in that area.

We hope that you are well and keeping busy. We are looking forward to the May 14th Healthcare Forum. It should be an exciting and educational night.

Do you need anything? What would you like me to send your way? Just let me know and I will get a box or two out to you. I have Tuesdays off now so that is my shopping/errand day. There is a new WalMart in Belleville, across from SWIC, that I like going to now. I still will NOT go to the O'Fallon one. Just give me some ideas of what you need, want, could use, etc....

Stay safe and keep in touch.
Love you lots,
the mom

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