Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Greetings from the Mom! - OK - So David is not leaving on Sunday. Ft Stewart decided they could not live without him for one more day - he is leaving Monday now. Oh - and he will not be on a 747 but a DC10 instead. Still a whole lot better than a C5. This is always subject to change - will keep y'all posted.

We really had a great time in GA - though I am a bit concerned. NO ONE spoke with a southern/GA accent. Everywhere we went - I could understand what they said - even the German lady!! I knew we should have eaten at A Lady and her Sons restaurant! I bet they spoke southern there!!

Oh well...gotta run. I'm on my lunch break again!

Till next time, The Mom

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Craig said...

See! I knew the Southern accent would eventually rub off! Just wait until us Southerners take over Illinois too!