Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Talked to David!!

These next 15 months are going to be full of "firsts" for all of us! Today I talked for the first time to some one in Kuwait! David called about 2:45CDT and Jessica, Ben, Craig and I got to talk with him. He said it was about 10:00pm local time and he had to use a calling card since his SKYPE phone won't work until he gets into Iraq. He sounded well and said that they have not really done anything yet, but that "training" would be starting soon. We were all very excited to hear from him and we hope that the good news will continue.

Everyone at the office is praying for David and all of the troops currently serving our country. Many of our colleagues (at the office) are former or retired military or a spouse so they understand what we are going through. Today I put up my "Blue Star" banner at my desk and I also have a yellow ribbon magnet for my car that says, "Keep My Son Safe". Tonight we will post another "Blue Star" banner in a front window here at home. Hopefully all who see it will say a prayer for our troops.

Today is Halloween and we had quite a potluck lunch at work. Jessica will post some photos when Diane gets them sent out to us. The food was delicious in spite of how it looks! Hope there is some good food in Kuwait!

Well - I must get ready for all our Trick-or-Treaters tonight.

Stay safe and well.

Love you lots and miss you.

The Mom

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Jessica said...

Your one trick-or-treater :)

I heard Optimus Prime came over and stole the rest of your candy.