Monday, October 15, 2007

Hi, I'm Shennie

I'm DavidAndrew's (Scooter's) aunt! At one point in time - probably for not very long - I used to be taller than he!

My favorite story - hmmmmmmmm - let's see. I think it had to be our trip to Disney World. When he was 9, I took him for 4 days to the Magic Kingdom. Two stories come to mind. I had planned to take him to the Electric Light parade down Main Street one of the nights we were there. However, that afternoon we had gone to one of the Star Wars "rides" and he had purchased a laser sword (please forgive me if I get these terms wrong, but sci-fi is not my forte). All DA wanted to do was to go back to the hotel and play with the sword. I agreed to do that for about an hour so I could put my feet up - then we'd go back, have dinner at the Coral Reef then go to the parade. He fought me every step. "Let's just eat here at the hotel, " (I hadn't traveled 1500 miles to eat dinner at a Best Western) or "I wanna take my sword with me." Now, for those of you who knew/know DA, if he took that sword with him, he would have lost it at least 5 times before we got to the parade, so I made him leave it at the hotel. So off we go to dinner and then the parade - sullen and forlorn. When we finally got to the parade - we managed to get 2 seats on the curb right at the rotary at the end of Main Street - there was another boy about David's age sitting right next to us. Make a long story short - David was upset when the parade was over and he had to say goodbye to his new friend.

The other story about WDW is about his dinner eating habits. We were there 3 nights. The first night we went to the Coral Reef over in the Polynesian Village and he ordered fried shrimp from the Children's Menu. He ate every last morsel. The second night we went to the Japanese restaurant in EPCOT and it is served Teppanyake (sp) style. Again he ordered a fried/grilled shrimp dish. The last night he had his choice as to where he wanted to eat so we went back to the Coral Reef and he again ordered the fried shrimp.

When we got back to my apartment in Virginia where the rest of the "tribe" was staying, I was commenting to his mom about how much DA liked fried shrimp. She was shocked and said I had to be wrong because he never ate fried shrimp. But I sat for 3 nights and watched him devour fried shrimp like it was going out of style. Who knew?

Over time, I may get to tell you all my favorite stories about his siblings - and even his parents. I'm open for bribes!

Scoots - keep your head down and DON'T volunteer for anything - unless it's to come home!

God speed.

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