Sunday, October 14, 2007


As many of you are aware, I will be deploying to Iraq at the end of October. I will be there approximately 15 months in which I will be on a FOB that is 40 miles South-Southwest of Baghdad. I know a lot of you will be worried, and that is perfectly normal. Be rest assured that I am in good company with my fellow UAV Operators, and that we will be moderately safe (since we never leave the base except by Blackhawk), especially when compared to most other MOS (jobs) in the Army (or entire Military for that matter!). Internet availability is looking good for where I will be and hopefully will be able to not only blog about my time in Iraq, but also have Skype w/ Skype phone so that I can call people for free (and vice versa). Well, not sure what else to say except that its great having my mom, Jennie, and Jessica down here in Georgia before I deploy.! Love you guys!


Jessica said...

Love you too, Dave!

Jennie said...

Yup, Love you very much!

Can you believe that?? Imagine that someone had told us twenty years ago that we'd be saying "I love you," and would mean it, we'd have laughed at them!

Chris Hammond said...

Good luck David! -Your old neighbor

Bob Williams said...

Good luck David, keep safe.

Enjoy the multimillion dollar video games (UAV), and don't crash it. That would be bad. :-)