Sunday, October 28, 2007

What fun!!

Greetings from The Mom (in CT)! Well - the 40th reunion went really well! I was surprised at how many people I remembered (thank heavens for picture name tags), but I was even more amazed at how many people remembered me! I took a couple of pictures with my best friend so will post those later.
We will call David after dinner this afternoon when most of the extended family will be here. They all want to talk with him befroe he heads to "the sandbox". I received an email from a dear friend whose boss's son is a Marine and heading to Iraq for his second deployment. These troops are dedicated and part of the best military in the world. We are very blessed to live in this great country and we have got to support these guys and gals in every way possible.

OK - today is Sunday. Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?? I am! GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!! I'm a CT yankee who is a Dallas Cowboys fan - go figure!!

Bye for now.....
The Mom

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