Friday, October 26, 2007

Have a good weekend

This weekend the Dad and the Mom are heading "home". Though we live in the midwest now, we are CT Yankees! This weekend is the Mom's 40th reunion from grammar school. What a hoot that is going to be. Maybe I'll post some pictures next week if one on my techie kids can show me how!! We will be staying and visiting with the grandmother. I'm not sure she will let us take any pctures of her, but since y'all just saw her in August, that will be OK. It's possible we will see Aunt Shennie - not sure if she will make it down on Sunday. If she does, I will be sure to get some pics.

We WILL call David on Sunday to say goodbye and wish him well in his deployment. Also want to make sure that Chelsey knows we are here for her while David is "in the sandbox".

Until then - have a good weekend and be safe.

The Mom

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