Saturday, October 13, 2007


I'd like to welcome all who will be posting and reading this blog for the next year or so. This blog is primarily meant for the Mac Family to stay in touch with our beloved Army of One, David. Mom/Sue, Jennie, Jessi, Katie, David & Chelsey will be posting as a simple way for us all to keep in touch when we can't speak. Friends of the Mac Family are welcome to read and post comments as well. I'm sure that David would like to hear from you all as well.

We'd like to encourage you all to read regularly and post, and if you are so inclined, to send care packages while he spends the next 15 months on his deployment.

Although, I think it might be beneficial to establish some rules for posting...
1) For the safety of all of us, no last names are to be used. We are the Macs.

2) Again for our safety, no addresses (snail mail or e-mail) will be posted. To get the address for sending care packages, please post and we will e-mail you.

3) Positive comments as much as possible. These 15 months will be difficult for us all, and it will be nice to have a positive place to exchange stories and "converse."

If you have any further rules that might be a good idea, please let us know.

For the first post, why don't we each introduce ourselves and tell a favorite story about David... I'll start us out.

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Sarah said...

What a great idea! I'm so glad you guys set this up; I'll be checking it frequently. Love you David!